The            Master Membership

Your KEY to success in Canine Training and Health!


Success. It means taking the best care of your dog’s needs, using the most up-to-date and non-corrective training methods. It means solving behavior issues through education. And, it means thriving rather just surviving by enhancing health.

There are two ways to get this information. One is by diving on the Internet, spending hours gathering outdated information. The other is to let Dr. Jeff and Mike help you. We can save you valuable time, give you access to current information each month, and do it without you having to attend class.

PetFlix                        Ongoing courses released, ingoing prompts to keep you on track

Intensives                  Two deep dives into training and health topics each month

Q&As                           Mike and Dr. Jeff answer questions each month

ACE Library               An ever-increasing resource of intensives, Q&As, and newsletters

Bonus webinars       Valuable webinars you don’t want to miss

It begins with the ACE PetFlix. Just like that other company, we’ll be releasing courses for you to enjoy. Of course, you can buy them individually, but this way, you can save money and we’ll point out the gems in what you can learn, encouraging you. Here is the schedule for 2020.

  • Mar 15 – Aug 15         ACE Essentials

  • June 1 – August 1      Tackling Allergies – Why they Occur and Treatment

  • July 1 – Sept 1            Treadmill Training

  • Aug 1 – Jan 1               ACE Canine First Responder

  • Oct 1 – Dec 1               Reactive Dog Solutions

  • Dec 15 – May 1           Shelter and Rescue Course


Every month, you’ll see two intensives – deep dives into training and health topics. This is information you can immediately put to use in the care and training of your four-legged friend. As well, we each select a question to answer in our monthly Q&A session. Here are two training webinars you can check out – curbing jumping up and pulling on leash.

Finally, you’ll have access to the ACE webinar library. This is an ever-growing resource of past intensives, Q&As, and newsletters that you can learn from.

The ACE Master membership is a monthly subscription that you can start now and stop any time. You get all this for just $19 a month. If you like it and want to save money, you can convert to an annual package.

This is the most economical and best learning package we have. Your dog will be glad you signed up so you can train and take care of her the right way.

When you sign up, you’ll see four bonus webinars. Previews are below. See you in class!

Mike and Dr. Jeff

Testimonials from our members:

I have been a Master Member of ACE since June 2016.  I have been very pleased with the quality and the quantity of the videos that I get to watch for one low monthly fee.  I am a member of an AKC obedience Dog Training Club so I get asked a lot of questions by participants in our classes held for the public.


I am not a certified dog trainer-just a hobbyist who has worked with dogs for many years.  I have a well-behaved dog that is a delight to own.  We travel with her and she meets new friends everywhere we go.  


Up until June, I had been purchasing dog training courses on another internet site.  I enjoyed them, but they were expensive and I usually could only watch one per month.  An average price on that site was $50-$80 for a 1 hour course. ACE has been presenting a wide range of topics all of which are useful. I'm hooked.

Marilyn E

I have found this month’s membership of interest and benefit and valued taking the CPR course very much. It was well worth the money and time learning how to respond to a dog/cat in distress.

Thank you for all your hard work, diligence and caring in helping to assure that dog owners are responsible care-givers, well-versed in understanding “how a dog works” and providing knowledgeable interaction between themselves and their dogs.

Valerie D

I very much enjoy the sessions from Mike and Dr. Jeff.  The training webinars address everyday problems.  Being online, can go back and review, especially when seems like my pup and I are not progressing.  Dr. Jeff's information is balanced and right up to date, great.  


I have found the sessions so useful I have given a membership to a relative with a new puppy as a birthday present.  

Lynn D

I love the membership. The webinars are excellent.

Since I have purchased all the courses I'm looking forward to more being offered.

I'm eager to learn all I can.
Thank you,

Jessie H

Bonus Webinars Available with any

ACE Membership Purchase

Praise and Interaction

Working with Reactive Dogs

Making Homemade Food

What to do During a