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Behavior Consultation  - One-on-One with Dr. Jeff Grognet


                                  Normal cost                                           $199

                                  Special discount                                   $149

These are the behaviours that I can provide assistance with. Does your dog:

·        Lunge at other dogs?

·        Lunge at people?

·        Exhibit aggressive behavior?

·        Lunge, pull, or jump at moving object such as cars or bikes?

·        Bark on leash?

·        Suffer from separation anxiety?

·        Fear or Anxiety disorders?

·        OCD disorders/ obsessive behavior?

·        Food aggression or resource guarding?

·        Excessive territorial behavior?

·        React negatively to people or other animals?

·        Have over excited reactions to other dogs or people?

·        Have you stopped walking your dog because they are just too unmanageable?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I can help.

Our program consists of working with behaviours, some trauma-induced, through graded exposure therapy that helps dogs confront their fears and/or reactivity towards the stimulus. When dogs are fearful and/or exhibit reactive behaviour (aggressive or over excited behavior) they tend to avoid or react to objects, activities, or situations.


Although this avoidance might help reduce feelings of fear or reactivity in the short term, over the long term it can make the behavior become even worse.

I use the ACE Integrated Victory Management training system to create positive outcomes without correction in order to help break the pattern of avoidance and reactivity. Exposure therapy has been scientifically demonstrated to be a helpful treatment or treatment component for a range of problems, including:

Reactivity • Phobias • Panic Disorder • Social Anxiety Disorder • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder • Trauma or Stress Injuries • Generalized Anxiety Disorder • Aggression

Programs take a minimum 3 to 6 months of commitment and completion from you for your dog to achieve maximum results. Each dog needs ongoing care after this program is complete. Though this program is tailored to your specific dog, there are no guarantees on the final outcome due to the ability of the dog to retrain, and the commitment of the owner and people that work with the dog.

My program consists of a consultation that allow us to design a training outline and educate you in the techniques and strategies to use. Depending on your particular case, you may also be advised to join in group sessions.


I will mentor you through your efforts in curbing your dogs unwanted behavior hands on with a custom built homework and advice for you to achieve the greatest results possible with your canine friend.

This private session/consultation lasts about 90 minutes and this occurs at our ACE site in Parksville or through Zoom to avoid you travelling.

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